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Thank you for visiting “Ika Taro Website”.

  Our company founded about fifty years ago. The founder, an older brother of the current president, moved to Otaru from Sakhalin after the last war, and brought his families and relatives, when he started business near the station. After keeping business at Sankaku Market by the station for a long time, we moved to and have keeping our shop at the Sakaimachi St., the tourist area in Otaru.

  Growing up in a market, I could get an eye for food, not being taught by anyone. I can see the quality, salt content and flavorof food products without touching them directly. I appreciate the circumstance brought me up and efforts of our former and current presidents.

  Recently, we operate our store not only on the street but on the Internet and at the local specialty fair at department stores across the country. It expands our chance to meet more customers. Their voices encourage and motivate to develop new products. So I travel around Hokkaido searching for delicious food.

  I'd like our customers to enjoy Ika Taro's flavor. When you visit Otaru or meet Ika Taro at the department store near you, please try Ika Taro. I'll be waiting for you with Ika Taro freshly roasted.

Store manager, Tomomitsu Kinoshita

corporate name Ikataro honpo Co.,Ltd.
head office 6-4 Skaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido
foundation date November 26th, 2012
telephone number 0134-22-7100
fax number 0134-24-2620
president of the company Tomomitsu Kinoshita
The front of the shop.
Inside the shop.
"Chinmi" corner with Hokkaido map.